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Advanced Computer Diagnostics offers specialized IT Services and Support including Computer repair, IT Service and Support, Small Business Cybersecurity, Home Cybersecurity, Networking, and Managed Services. From computer repair, ransomware, virus protection, and removal to wifi, Windows Server, and networking. Ask about our Small business CyberSecurity MSP Packages for both your office and home. We offer the best protection available against ransomware and viruses.


Our Services

We can solve your hardware and software problems.

PC Repair

We repair all makes and models of PC’s including but limited to Apple, Acer, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Panasonic, IBM, HP, Sony, Samsung etc.

Laptop Repair

Laptops are no problem for us. We are experts at repairing all brands, makes and models. Just give us a call to setup in shop diagnostics

Mac Repair

Mac Repair is hard to find due to apples repair restrictions. We handle them with ease. From hardware to software upgrades your computer will be as good as new once we are done.

Cyber Security

We look at your on-site firewall hardware for potential weak points. We will determine if it needs to be updated or upgraded. We also evaluate your Antivirus and make recommendations.

Business IT MSP

Our MSP service bundles Cybersecurity along with Antivirus, Weekly Microsoft and third party updates, with Remote Support capablilty. This is a total solution for your business.

Malware Removal

Malware and Viruses can be very hard to remove, sometimes after removal your operating system can be unstable. We are experts in dealing with these kinds of issues.

Upgrades PCs, Laptops

Trust us to select the best parts to upgrade and get your desktops and laptops running faster with ease.

Repair or Replace?

Once we have your device on our bench and diagnostics have been performed, we will let you know if replacing is a better option than repairing.


We’re support all brands of computer

Advanced Computer Diagnostics serves residents and small businesses of Hendersonville and the surrounding areas.

We offer unparalleled computer repair services for your devices. These days, most people own a desktop or laptop, and many individuals own multiple machines. Not all computer-related issues are dependent upon age, and something may go wrong without warning. When that unfortunate day arrives, We Can Fix It.

Why choose us?

We repair many desktops and laptops annually. Over the past 20 years, we have learned how to
best handle the diagnosis and repair process on every type of computer. Our techs are very competent and we run an A+ certified shop.


Our service mentality is a call back to when professionals had a dress code and were outstanding in both their ethics and presentations. Every tech arrives in either slacks and a polo or shirt and tie combo.


You can count on over 20 years experience to back our knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to get your problems solved accurately and efficiently.


Here at Advanced Computer Diagnostics we pride ourselves on being the more affordable option for Business IT and Consumer computer repair.


High Quality Repairs


Experience of Computer Repair


Most Software Problems Can be Fixed


Satisfied customers

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A thorough diagnostic phase is undertaken to determine what’s wrong and every
fine detail is gleaned during this testing period.


Our 1500+ Customers love their experience with us!

Rick is a very upstanding professional with Lots of knowledge about the computer world! Would recommend him to anyone. He made sure before he closed out our job that we were satisfied with everything he was set out to accomplish for our business! Great guy!!

Computers can be costly to repair and stressful to try and getting it fixed in a timely manner. I had the opportunity to get in contact with Rick Patin from…

Great experience with this company. I have limited technology experience and Rick Patin was the answer to my computer problem. I recommend him to everyone – business or personal.

Computer repair
from a certified technician

Simple solutions for complex problems

Our process

Below is an overview of how we work

Our computer repair process starts with calling us and speaking with a technician so you can give us a quick overview of what issues you are experiencing.

Our computer repair process starts with calling us and speaking with a technician so you can give us a quick overview of what issues you are experiencing.

Our computer repair process starts with calling us and speaking with a technician so you can give us a quick overview of what issues you are experiencing.

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We will return your inquiry with in 24hrs

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