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Virus and Spyware Removal……………………………..flat fee *
Apple, Mac, and Macbook Repair……………………..per/hr
PC Repair………………………………………………………..per/hr
O/S Overhaul…………………………………………………..flat fee **
Wireless Network and Router Support…………….per/hr
Data backup (sometimes not all data can be saved)…………..per/hr
Microsoft Office Suites (install and support)………………per/hr

Laser and Inkjet Printer (install and support)…………….per/hr

Advanced Computer Diagnostics charges $60 per hour, with a one-hour minimum.

* : Virus and Spyware removal, $125. This service removes viruses, spyware, and malware from your computer. We also do a system optimization in this service to get Windows running optimally after removing harmful applications. In some cases, after removing malicious files, Windows can become damaged. If this happens, we recommend our O/S Overhaul service.

** : O/S Overhaul, $150. With this service we backup your documents, music, pictures and video (an upcharge may be assessed for large amounts of data), then we reinstall your operating system, update it, install one printer, antivirus software, and copy your data back onto the machine. Additional software  can be installed at an hourly rate. In most cases, we will require your operating system/restore discs for this service.

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Data Recovery Clause

In the event that you require our data recovery service, Advanced Computer Diagnostics cannot guarantee 100% salvaging of a customer’s data. However, ACD will always attempt to restore a customer’s data completely to the best of their abilities.

Computer Repair

Computer Repair Services From Advanced Computer Diagnostics

  • Advanced Computer Diagnostics serves residents of Nashville and the surrounding areas. We offer unparalleled computer repair services for most devices. These days, most people own a desktop or laptop, and many individuals own multiple machines. Computers feature plenty of moving parts, which leaves room for something to go wrong. Not all computer-related issues are dependent upon age, and something may go wrong without warning. When that unfortunate day arrives, we’re prepared to repair each and every computer
  • Our Approach To Computer Repair

    We repair hundreds of desktops and laptops on an annual basis. Since opening our doors, we’ve learned how to best handle the diagnosis and repair processes. Each machine is handled by a trained and experienced technician at all times. A thorough diagnosis phase is undertaken to determine what’s wrong with a given machine. Everything from the minute to the serious is gleaned during this testing period

  • From there, device owners are informed of all problems, and we don’t begin repairs until approval is granted. Hardware and software repairs are performed by a careful technician. Our technicians try to avoid unnecessary changes or modifications to each computer. By focusing upon what’s necessary, we repair computers as fast as possible. Customers always receive their fixed machines in a timely manner.

When Computer Or PC Repair Is Necessary

A nearly limitless number of problems can afflict a machine at any moment. Hardware can fail, whether it’s aging or brand new. On the other hand, a variety of circumstances can lead software to behave erratically, or fail to run altogether. Some people believe that computers start to lag in performance with age, but that’s not the complete truth. Computer-related problems and annoyances are often correctable with the right repairs. Therefore, we encourage device owners to contact us today if they’re experiencing issues.

At Advanced Computer Diagnostics, we know a thing or two about both Windows and OS X machines. Customers are encouraged to bring us their Windows machines regardless of manufacturer. Our technicians service Apple’s Mac and Macbook devices on a regular basis, too. In simple terms, we repair laptop and desktop computers no matter the branding or operating system. Hardware and software problems alike can be remedied by our excellent staff of technicians with the fastest turnaround times possible.

Common causes for concern include the following: 

  • Physical damage to a desktop or laptop (broken screen, missing keyboard keys, etc.).
  • An older machine that’s starting to bog down (upgrades and tune-ups may fix such issues).
  • Internet Connectivity Problems and Device Recognition Issues
  • Lost or Corrupted Data (including ongoing issues with either situation).
  • A machine that won’t start, or one that constantly reboots without warning.
  • A laptop that no longer holds a proper charge.
  • Computer Repair Services We Offer

Common Mac and PC Repair Solutions

Solutions are available for almost all problems related to desktops and laptops. Rarely is a machine beyond the point of repair. Typically, we consider that point to be when repairs exceed the cost of a new computer, or when physical damage is too great. The average machine that we diagnose and repair features less serious problems, though.

Here’s a quick overview of common issues and typical solutions:

Laptop doesn’t hold a charge: In this case, a software-based problem could exist due to outdated drivers, however; the battery could be beyond its service life. We either update the appropriate drivers or replace the battery.

A newer machine experiences performance problems: Perhaps a brand new desktop or laptop seems sluggish without reason. We check for the presence of malware, adware, and viruses first. Then we look for outdated drivers or defective hardware.

An older machine experiences degrading performance: Sometimes, older hardware can’t keep up with today’s demands. Our experts will update drivers and software to improve performance where possible. Hardware upgrades are sometimes an option, too.

Damaged keyboards, trackpads, monitors, etc.: Damaged hardware must be replaced in most cases. Individual keyboard keys can be replaced, but a damaged screen requires an entirely new screen (laptops) or monitor (desktops).

We take pride in our work and ability to help computer owners in the Nashville area. For computer repair, Advanced Computer Diagnostics provides the best and most complete services in the area. Our approach to computer repair is both efficient and thorough without costing too much or taking too long. If you have a computer experiencing any type of issue, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a diagnosis!

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